King Gunndric Kolmarr

King of Loramon


King Gunndric is a bear of a man, standing at just over 6’2" with very muscular, broad shoulders. A rumor swells among the lower class that Gunndric carries 300lbs of brute strength, but the upper class don’t heed such fables.

His hair is a coppery brown, long and silky. It’s obvious his servants have put much care into it’s upkeep, and most functions he is seen with his hair adorned with gold. Anything that can be said about his hair can also be said about his beard, though more variations are given for it’s appearance in public.

He almost always dresses in the kingdoms royal colors, with a rose integrated somehow into the fabric. Failing that, he will wear a gold rosebud pin, as remembrance the he is the head of the nation.


King Gunndric Kolmarr, Lord of Lomaron, has been on the throne for nearly 40 years. In his early reign, he was decisive, quick to settle a conflict, and not one to be trifled with. But lately, this has changed as the conviction in his commands seems to have lessened.

King Gunndric Kolmarr

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