The legend of Derondar is a woeful tale. He was a wandering Paladin with no ambition but to help all those he came across, no matter their race or status in life.

He came across a brother and sisiter, twins, searching for a lost family heirloom. It was their last remaining treasure. Derondar was moved by their story and poured all his effort into finding the heirloom.

Upon finding the heirloom, the twins betrayed Derondar, and used it to summon the avatar of K’daine. Derondar barely survived the encounter, and fled to the Paladin Grand Assembly to report what had happened. The Avatar entered this world weak, and Derondar tried to convince the Assembly that now was the best time to strike.

The Assembly found no evidence of this incident. Instead of taking action, they attempted to cover up the testimony of the humble paladin. They branded him a liar, and stripped him of his oath.
To be continued…


Alaria Suspiria